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Maytansinoid AP-3 | Tubulin-Binders

Product Name Maytansinoid AP-3 Price ($)
Synonyms 3-de(2-(acetylmethylamino)propionyloxy)-3-hydroxymaytansinebutyrate(ester); antibioticc15003p3’; c15003p-3’; maytansine,o(sup3)-de(2-(acetylmethylamino)-1-oxopropyl)-o(sup3)-(1-oxobut; maytansinolbutyrate; ASMP-3; ANSAMITOCIN P-3, ACTINOSYNNEMA PRETI
Item No. ADCs-T0009 CAS Number 66547-09-9
Molecular Formula C32H43ClN2O9 Molecular Weight 635.14
Supplier ALB Technology Limited Purity 95%
COA COA of Maytansinoid AP-3 | Tubulin-Binders MSDS MSDS of Maytansinoid AP-3 | Tubulin-Binders
Chemical Structure

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