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Where to buy DM1 | Mertansine | CAS Number: 139504-50-0?

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DM1, also called Mertansine (and in some of its forms emtansine), is a thiol-containing maytansinoid that for therapeutic purposes is attached to a monoclonal antibody through reaction of the thiol group with a linker structure to create an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC). DM1 (Mertansine) (CAS 139504-50-0) is a potent microtubule-targeted cytotoxic agent.


DM1 SDF file: DM1_cas-139504-50-0.sdf
DM1 Structure:
Structure of DM1 | Mertansine | CAS Number: 139504-50-0
DM1 CAS Number: 139504-50-0

DM1 Formula: C35H48ClN3O10S
DM1 Molecular Weight: 738.29