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139504-50-0 | Mertansine (DM1)

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Mertansine (DM1)
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$428/20mg, $750/50mg, $1000/100mg, $1450/200mg, $2250/500mg, $3220/1G ($, USD) Inquiry
Mertansine, DM1, N2' -deacetyl-N2' -(3-Mercapto-1-oxopropyl)-Maytansine; Maytansinoid dM 1, emtansine
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Synthetic derivatives of the microtubule-targeted agent maytansine, commonly known as drug maytansinoids or DMs, are emerging as potential cancer therapeutics. DM1 is an antibody-conjugatable maytansinoid that was developed to overcome systemic toxicity associated with maytansine and to enhance tumor-specific delivery. Antibody-DM1 conjugates showed promising results in preclinical and clinical evaluations. However, the molecular mechanism of the drug component DM1 was largely unknown. Recently, researchers have examined the mechanism of DM1 at molecular and cellular levels. According to their findings, DM1 binds at the tips of microtubules and suppresses the dynamicity of microtubules. The antibody-DM1 conjugate cleaves inside cells and releases the active drug in a time-dependent manner. The suppression of microtubule dynamics by DM1 induces mitotic arrest and cell death.

Trastuzumab emtansine is an antibody-drug conjugate consisting of the monoclonal antibody trastuzumab (Herceptin) linked to the cytotoxic agent DM1. Trastuzumab alone stops growth of cancer cells by binding to the HER2/neu receptor, whereas DM1 enters cells and destroys them by binding to tubulin. Because the monoclonal antibody targets HER2, and HER2 is only over-expressed in cancer cells, the conjugate delivers the toxin specifically to tumor cells.The conjugate is abbreviated T-DM1.
In 2013, T-DM1 received FDA approval for the treatment of patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer who had previously received trastuzumab and a taxane, separately or in combination, the first ADC to receive full approval based on a randomized study.


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